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2012 predictions: ip.access senior vice president Dr Andy Tiller

Mobile News
January 19, 2012

It will be the year when more operators deploy more cells in more public places as an answer to the data explosion being experienced, says ip.access senior vice president Dr Andy Tiller 

Mobile networks are congested and the situation is getting worse. But help is at hand, because a technology originally conceived to solve indoor notspots in homes and offices has moved into hotspots.

The need for more mobile network capacity as the data explosion continues is well understood, and nothing adds capacity like reusing radio spectrum – and the smaller the cell, the sooner you reuse it.

In 2012, we are going to see more operators deploying more small cells in more public places. Today’s generation of public femtocells can mix the IP connectivity and self-configuring nature of the home unit with the ability tobe managed by the network and be open for public use.

Compared to traditional network infrastructure, the small-cell model is very low-cost. Placing these small-cell units in high-traffic hotspots to improve customer service and keep data fl owing creates a very effective ROI argument.

So every LTE or 4G network operator in the world will deploy public access small cells as a key component of its network infrastructure and as a principal weapon in the drive to provide the required capacity.

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