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2012 predictions: Excalibur managing director James Phipps

Mobile News
January 20, 2012

Excalibur Communications managing director is predicting that unified comms and Cloud solutions will become commonplace, with professional services such as Microsoft Office 365 also key 

2012 will be the year in which increased connectivity will mean full unified communications and Cloud solutions such as One Net on Vodafone will become ‘business as usual’ offerings as SMEs continue to search for cost and efficiency savings through one supplier.

Network partners will have to invest to offer a full end-to-end solution for businesses but many will be unwilling or unable to do so, leading to more streamlining and a wider range of partners from non-mobile backgrounds getting involved in mobile offerings as customers look for a complete service rather than just mobile conversations.

Professional services will be the key to making sure that the products available, such as Microsoft 365, are installed and supported correctly, and the partners who manage to o er this will gain rapid growth as the days of ‘box shifting’ are coming to an end.

There will be losers because there will not be enough organic growth in pure mobile to sustain fi ve networks. Those with the largest portfolios of non-mobile products will triumph.

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