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2012 predictions: Daisy Wholesale sales director Garry Growns

Mobile News
January 19, 2012

Daisy Wholesale sales director Garry Growns thinks resellers will realise they have to offer a more complete communications offering in order to stay on top of their competition

“One of our main focuses for 2012 will be product penetration. What telecoms resellers will begin to do, or will realise they must do, next year is expand their portfolio in order to lock out the competition.

“We will encourage resellers to focus on becoming a communications business encompassing voice, data and mobile – services which should come hand in hand. The reality is that if you don’t do this, your competition will.

“Mobile customer ownership especially should not be understated – it’s contributing to the value of your business and keeping those customers secure. This is particularly important when you consider that some of the mainstream mobile operators are now introducing fixed-line and data services.

“Resellers who have traditionally sold calls, lines and data need to o er mobile in order to survive amid a growing number of competitors that now includes the mobile networks themselves. Mobile is a key enabler in the convergence of voice and data.”

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