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2012 predictions: CCS Insight chief of research Ben Wood

Mobile News
January 20, 2012

Apple iOS will begin to face many more limitations compared to its new rivals, according to CCS Insight chief of research Ben Wood, but that Android will also face major challenges 

The current version of iOS will be a pinnacle for Apple’s mobile operating system, prompting a radical redesign.

Following its introduction in 2007, iOS has been successfully developed to introduce many disruptive innovations. However, like other operating systems, the rate of innovation has slowed as the platform has matured. Although capabilities and features of iOS will continue to advance, it will face mounting limitations compared with newer rivals.

Android’s share of the smartphone market starts to fall in 2013. Android currently accounts for 58 per cent of the market. However, Google’s mobile operating system faces major challenges.

Licensees are trying to reduce their dependence on Android and offer a more balanced portfolio of devices. Android has also started to attract a growing body of patent litigation cases that threaten to increase the cost of using it.

By 2013, these factors, and growing consumer interest in rival operating systems, will cause Android’s share to dip for the first time.

Amazon’s growing success in the tablet segment makes it the target of several patent lawsuits. To defend its position in the connected device market Amazon is obliged to buy companies with relevant intellectual property assets.

Recent frenetic acquisitions in the patent field leave the online retailer with few options, leading to speculation that it might launch a bid for BlackBerry maker RIM in 2012.

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