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2012 predictions: Azzurri BDM Craig Wellman

Mobile News
January 19, 2012

Azzurri Communications business development manager Craig Wellman sees the trend of customers partnering with one supplier for their communications continuing, with partner choice being key 

“Supplier consolidation will be high on the agenda of all customers this year. We’re already seeing a trend whereby customers want to procure and then run their communications with fewer suppliers.

“There’s an obvious cost saving in this that fits in well with the zeitgeist. But as the telecoms requirement of a customer becomes more complex – or at least the way their employees work and communicate evolves to embrace new technology – partnering with one trusted supplier can help the client to simplify their strategy, rather than confuse it with the input of multiple conflicting suppliers with differing agendas.

“Clearly, choosing the right partner is key. This single-source approach ensures they can concentrate on what is going to make their business more effective.

“The second trend relates to leveraging existing assets. This is not a new phenomenon, but it is one that peaks exponentially in a downturn.

“But what is different this time is that organisations may almost inadvertently find themselves on a unified communications journey. This is because they are looking to make more of their mobile and fixed-line investments by integrating them with other applications.”

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