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2012 predictions: Avenir Telecom MD Andy Tow

Mobile News
January 18, 2012

Avenir Telecom managing director Andy Tow thinks convergence will continue to make a difference, with tablets and cloud computing continuing to cement their place in the market

“Convergence will continue to grow throughout 2012. Tablets are favoured by many business people now and will continue to be the device of choice for those on the move. Laptops are being relegated to home and office use as a result and the Cloud will cement this process further as people start to trust the security of the web and, in turn, Wi-Fi.

“BlackBerry and Apple are leading the way in this arena and this will become a challenge for the networks as more of our calls and information move to web-based applications. 4G and LTE will further this development and so the key will be how the networks manage data in the future to ensure that it can continue to be monetised.

“Those that can help to educate businesses in these new technologies and services will be the winners. All of this means that ‘stickability’ will be really important and so there will be a shift from acquisition to retention.

“Nokia and Microsoft are also going to be the ones to watch in 2012 because they have finally launched a device and a platform that can integrate simply with leading office-based systems such as Microsoft Office.”

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